Monday, December 6, 2010

What's the History behind Vera Monae

What is the history behind Vera Monae? Vera Monae collection is an expressing of a Women's Soul. A touch of elegance incredible Sensuality, smothering hint's of her body. My line of clothes and accessories reaches from executive women on the move to the young women with Urban Swag. Vera Monae represent Women's that ba...ttling, survived and the one's we lost from Domestic Abuse. So with the help of my brother we decided to put together a name that represent for the women in our family. Years ago I lost one of my aunt at a very early age from Domestic Abuse. We have a very long history of Domestic Abuse and we lost other women in our family.

Then, we have women that struggled and survived the ...abuse. So, using my aunt first name Vera, combining it with another family member middle name Monae. This is how " Vera Monae " was born. I want my clothing line not to be only Fashion, also to represent all Women's that battling, survived and women's that was losted. Domestic Abuse is a growing disease that spreading with our youth. Please stop the Domestiv Abuse, with Vera Monae movement. Luv You Vera Monae