Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Designed for a Customer

This was done four months ago very Pleased customer

Vera Monae Design

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What's in Store for the New Year

Projects that coming up Next Year Vera Monae 1st Domestic Abuse Awareness Fundraiser Color Me Glam Photo Shoot Color Me Glam Shimmer me up Event We Naturally Girlz Event Vera Monae Pool Party/Swimsuit Show

First Domestic Abuse Fundraiser

Vera Monae will be putting together her First Domestic Abuse Awareness Fundraiser. This is something that I have a great Passion to get done for the New Year. My Vera Monae Collection is based on why the name came together. My family have a long history of Domestic Abuse. The name Vera is my aunt that was lost from Domestic Abuse and Monae is a close close family member that Survived Domestic Abuse. The Strength and Determination for Vera Monae is because of my mother, hearing the stories of her struggle and seeing the after math of some of the Abuse. Has push me to change the Cycle with me and my daughter and what generation come after educate other Women about Domestic Abuse. Domestic Abuse has been going to years and getting worst with our younger generation. So, with Vera Monae Collection I want to make a different. It's not all about me making money with my Products. It's about Education and giving back. I will stand behind this Name Strong, Determine and Gracefully until I die. Love u Vera Monae

New addition to the Family

Vera Monae is starting her own Natural Mineral Make-up Line Color Me Glam:Seamlessly Flawless A modern woman is always on the go, she busy around the clock and town. Color Me Glam Make-up keeps this Modern Woman looking Seamlessly Flawless all day. With her Unique Sexy and Sheer colors palette. Color Me Glam will always have you looking truly Glamour. All products are FDA Approve. Products in this collection is Lipsticks, lip gloss, eyes and lip liner, eyeshadow powder and creamy, blush, foundation and nail polish. Colors Unique, Sexy and Sheer colors like. My Dark Side - dark dark black See My Shadow - Grey Disco Blue - Dark Blue with Shimmer glitter See Thru - Peach My Signature Color Envy Me - Emerald Green Orange Velvet - Orange with Shimmer glitter Girl is Golden - Deep Mustard Yellow Purple Heart- Dark Purple Iced Out - Silver Glitter Harlem - 125 Gold Gold Gold Glam Shimmer - Mix Color Glitter Color Me Glam Coming to a Face Near You

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Vera Monae Back

Vera Monae was taking some time of to regroup. Sometime in Life you have learn what people are good for you and the ones that's Not. On my Vera Monae Journey I have learned that everyone don't want you to be Successful. People will try to bring you down and discourage you from your dreams, goal and happiness. That will NEVER happen to me I have already dealt with the worst thing that can ever happen. Losing my Son was such a wake up call, so I still stand here Strong, willing and determine to continue with my Dreams. I had do a lot of tweaking, making my circle of friend into a triangle. Letting go of Dead weight. Also, on this journey I had gained a close bonds with some family member and new friends. My journey with Vera Monae has made me Stronger then ever. Vera Monae and other woman in my family have open my eyes to Domestic Abuse. Were I made a decision that the Cycle of Domestic will change with me. So Thank you dearly Vera Monae and May all the Women that's not here because of Domestic Abuse R.I.P