Thursday, January 3, 2013

Color Me Glamm

Color Me Glamm is my new Make-up Line. I decide to add a new addition to my Vera Monae Collection. I'm always excite to Create new things to my Collection. Color Me Glamm will be Great to my Collection. Women love make-up and my make-up line is Mineral Base Product. Causing no irritation to the skin and no clogging. Color Me Glamm will give you nothing but Flawless skin a youthful look and add some Shimmer to your Life. Creating the Silky texture, names and colors is the exciting part of this Project. I can't wait to share Color Me Glamm with the Ladies. I have created colors like, pretty blue, sexy rose, lady lavender, ultra blue and velvet. Also been busy putting together my website, check it out More to come from Vera Monae Collection and Color Me Glamm.