Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When did Fashion Design start for me?

Growing up my mom was a single parent so she did what she could. The designing started with her she taught me how to hand sew first make Barbie doll clothes. I had the cheap cheap plastic doll but they was Fashionable Lol. Then when I was responsible enough she taught me how to use a sewing machine. I would take the hand me downs redesign and added my own twisted. In Junior High School I took up Art &Design that's when started sketching my design. I worked on designing my own t-shirt. For a while I tried to figure if something going to come out of this. So, I decided to put my hairstyling on the back burner and went to Designing my own clothing line 2008 is when Vera Monae. I will not stop until I get where I want Vera Monae to be.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Designing & Creating is What I do

Fashion eye-catching styles calls for thoughtfully chosen material that complement the character of each new look. That's why Vera Monae takes extra care to find the right fabric to suit the structure of every style in her collection.

Spring Fashion

Don't overdo it when you accessorize. Use quality pieces like designer shoes to keep the look refined and age appropriate


Bold and Beautiful Resort accessories are the easiest way to brighten up any ensemble..... Be the woman you want to be.
The World is your Runway strut your stuff.

Vera Monae Glam Tips

A woman is the Sexiest in a T-shirt, jeans and high heels.

Black & white draws attention like a bull's eyes. It's strong graphics are stylish yet effortless.

Accessorizing is a cinch. Shoes and bags of every color work with it.

Rayon nylon blend jacket is a timeless style that can be worn with jeans or business attire

A simple shape in a metallic is timeless without being boring.

Grab a sexy clutch is so detailed and lavish looking, under-the-arm candy packs jewelry-like impact.

Vera Monae

Designing Vera Monae clothes, shoes, and accessories is my Hidden Desire.

Vera Monae Glam Tips

Shine on in glamorous Metallic Accessories that will add Sparkle to any ensemble.