Thursday, September 4, 2014


Vera Monae Showcase at Reflection Manor my concept was Black & White some with a Pop of Color.

Black & White with a pop of Mint Blue and Chervon print on top

           It fit her just Right without taking any measurements

Black & White Chervon Print Skirt, fushia pink waist band with a black crop top fushia pink band to crop top. Very hot & sexy 2piece.

This model rocked a Sexy Black & White Wet Look Dress One side of the dress black and the other white with a black middle band. Black & White never fades out

She was wearing it like it was custom made for her She did that

This model is Rockin a 2 piece Black high waist hot shorts with tube top

Black & White with a Splash of Neon Green the Bright color made this 2 piece Skirt with one shoulder top Real Cute.