Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vera Monae

Vera Monae

Vera Monae Collection is an expression of a Woman's Soul....... A touch of elegance..... Incredible sensuality, smothering hints of sexuality that embraces a woman's femineity without giving up the definitive contours of her body..... My line of clothes reaches from the executive women on the move, to the student with Urban Swag but recognizes her need to be seen admired and adored.Appreciated for the Women she is and the freedom to be sexy, classy and professional all at the same time.

Vera Monae also represent women of Domestic Abuse, women lost, women survived and women that are still battling with the Abuse. Vera Monae is not just Fashion it a message being sent. My mission is to have Women that wear my line to be very confidence, keep they self worth have high self esteem value them self and keep they self respect. Vera Monae say " We Will Survivor".

My family have a long history of Domestic Abuse and so does other family. Vera was a my aunt killed from Domestic Abuse at a very young age and Monae is a family member dear to me middle that survived. So, those two names was combined together to Represent something and to make this a movement.

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