Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November Fashion Showcase Pictures

Ana weating Leopard print dress with black spandex in the back.

Tameeka M. wearing a black wrap dress with silver sequins details on shoulder

Lanisha was wearing a laced up legging with bustier with leather detail and leather crop jacket

She's rocking a Moca spandex dress with leather down the left side of the dress

Monique wearing a Sparkling knit dress with black chains details

She is styling in a Royal Blue catsuit with rhinestones on shoulder and hood

Monique is wearing a multi color 2pcs lingerie
She's making it hot with a whole piece lingerie with lace panty in the back

She meow the crowed with a Leopard print Tube dress with a crop jacket
Whitney set the mood with this all lace halter lingerie

Whitney is wearing a Royal spandex top with rhinestone and metallic legging

My daugther, my mom in royal blue, my sister rockin the pearls and me on the end hood dress

Designer with two of the models

Vera Monae with her models
Yes Tameeka M. dazzled us with the Brown snakeskin lace trimming Lingerie

She wowed us with the Navy blue zebra print dress

Ana was giving us the business

Ana is wear a sparkling knit top with legging with the sparkling trimming  down the sides

Yes she owned that Crinkle grey wrap dress with leather and silver studs details

She set off  the sprinkler with this Fushia and purple 2pcs sheer and spandex lingerie

Tee Raven strutted her stuff in the high waisted sequin short with crop jacket

Pow I'm here with a Lite Blue one shoulder spandex dress with rhinestones
Tee Raven wearing a 3pcs white net lingerie with a hood skirt and thong

Tameeka M. wearing a Emeralg green snakeskin spandex top with legging

Jazz is wearin a leopard print spandex skirt with a  tank top and a oliver green spandex jacket'

She is wearing a all black spandex dress

This is a half stretch sheer wrap piece with top with the tropical look lingerie

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