Wednesday, December 26, 2012

First Domestic Abuse Fundraiser

Vera Monae will be putting together her First Domestic Abuse Awareness Fundraiser. This is something that I have a great Passion to get done for the New Year. My Vera Monae Collection is based on why the name came together. My family have a long history of Domestic Abuse. The name Vera is my aunt that was lost from Domestic Abuse and Monae is a close close family member that Survived Domestic Abuse. The Strength and Determination for Vera Monae is because of my mother, hearing the stories of her struggle and seeing the after math of some of the Abuse. Has push me to change the Cycle with me and my daughter and what generation come after educate other Women about Domestic Abuse. Domestic Abuse has been going to years and getting worst with our younger generation. So, with Vera Monae Collection I want to make a different. It's not all about me making money with my Products. It's about Education and giving back. I will stand behind this Name Strong, Determine and Gracefully until I die. Love u Vera Monae

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