Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Vera Monae Back

Vera Monae was taking some time of to regroup. Sometime in Life you have learn what people are good for you and the ones that's Not. On my Vera Monae Journey I have learned that everyone don't want you to be Successful. People will try to bring you down and discourage you from your dreams, goal and happiness. That will NEVER happen to me I have already dealt with the worst thing that can ever happen. Losing my Son was such a wake up call, so I still stand here Strong, willing and determine to continue with my Dreams. I had do a lot of tweaking, making my circle of friend into a triangle. Letting go of Dead weight. Also, on this journey I had gained a close bonds with some family member and new friends. My journey with Vera Monae has made me Stronger then ever. Vera Monae and other woman in my family have open my eyes to Domestic Abuse. Were I made a decision that the Cycle of Domestic will change with me. So Thank you dearly Vera Monae and May all the Women that's not here because of Domestic Abuse R.I.P

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